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Precision Locator Range

Locating and protecting buried infrastructure is crucial for safety and efficiency across industries. Locator technicians need reliable, high-performance tools that can handle tough environments and deliver precise results every time.

Our Radiodetection Precision Locators are built to meet these demanding needs, offering:

Our Precision Locator Range includes:

RD8200SG Cable Locator

The RD8200SG Survey Grade Locator, the most advanced mapping and utility locating solution from TocDem Utilities. Locate and map buried utilities simultaneously with survey-grade accuracy. This rugged, user-friendly tool seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows, offering flexibility to choose your preferred mobile app and correction service provider. 

Benefit from features like integrated GNSS, automatic antenna offset, and TruDepth technology for precise and efficient underground asset management.

RD8200 and RD7200 Cable and Pipe Locators

The Radiodetection RD8200 Cable and Pipe locator is engineered for speed, accuracy, and reliability in challenging environments. This rugged, user-friendly tool boasts a sunlight-readable display, high-performance audio/vibration alerts, and sensitive signal processing for reliable results even in congested areas.

With multiple locate modes, it’s ideal for professionals who demand precision, efficiency, and the ability to identify target cables in complex underground infrastructure. Trust the RD8200 to enhance safety and productivity on your utility locating projects.

While the RD7200 Cable and Pipe Locator is a versatile, and easy-to-use tool for precision locating in various industries. With its rugged IP65-rated design, sunlight-readable display, and high-performance audio/vibration alerts, built to withstand harsh conditions and noisy environments.

Offering eight active and three passive frequencies, it handles diverse locating tasks with accuracy and reliability. The RD7200 is the perfect solution for professionals who need a dependable tool for everyday use.

Other Radiodetection Locators & Accessories Include:

The RD8100M and RD7100M Cable and Pipe Locators, 2-Cell and Alkaline 3-Cell Battery Trays and RF Marker Balls. These RF marker locators combine the ability to find buried Markers with finding underground cables and pipes, including simultaneously.

Unleash the full potential of the RD8100M and RD7100M by pairing them with our TX-5 and TX-10 signal transmitters. Locate plastic pipes effortlessly using our range of transmitting Sondes.

Since 1977 Radiodetection’s locator and transmitter products have been designed and built in the UK. They are all subjected to a rigorous test regime and quality checks before leaving our factory, continuing our long tradition of high quality and reliability.

RD8200SG Survey Grade Locator

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RD8200 Cable Pipe Locators

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RD7200 Cable Pipe Locator

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RD8100 RF Marker Locator

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RD7100 RF Marker Locator

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RD Map from Radiodetection

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Radiodetection Multifunction Signal Transmitter

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