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RD8200SG Survey Grade Locator


£6,499.00 + VAT

RD8200SG Survey Grade Locator

Introducing the Radiodetection RD8200SG Survey Grade Locator: Mapping and Precision Locating, Redefined.

Upgrade your utility locating capabilities with the Radiodetection RD8200SG from TocDem Utilities: one of the most advanced mapping and digital locating solutions. What’s more, it is designed for accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility, the RD8200SG empowers you to locate and map buried utilities in a single pass, streamlining your workflow and minimising disruptions.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Mapping: Combine precise utility locating with survey-grade mapping accuracy for a comprehensive understanding of buried infrastructure.
  • Flexible Workflows: Choose your preferred mobile app and correction service provider to integrate with your systems.
  • Industry-Standard File Formats: Export data in compatible formats for easy use with your preferred mapping software.
  • Android Compatibility: Operate the system using any Android phone or tablet, ensuring accessibility and convenience.
  • Built for the Field: Rugged design, integrated GNSS antenna, and automatic offset ensure optimal precision and durability in challenging environments.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive controls and clear display simplify operation, reducing the need for extensive training.
  • Advanced Technologies: Benefit from TruDepth for accurate depth and current measurements, Power Filters for enhanced signal clarity, and Strike Alert for improved safety.

RD8200SG compared to other models

Feature RD7200 RD8200 RD8200G RD8200SG
Advanced Precision Locating
High-Accuracy Mapping
GNSS Positional Location
Location Accuracy Standard Survey Grade
Lithium-ion Battery Optional Optional Optional Standard
Usage Logging
Survey Measurements with GNSS

Why Buy The RD8200SG Cable Locator?

With the Radiodetection RD8200SG Cable Locator, TocDem Utilities guarantees unbeatable prices, top-notch quality, and unparalleled after-sales service. We prioritise customer support long after your purchase, ensuring your satisfaction throughout the product’s lifespan. Additionally, we also maintain a comprehensive inventory of all parts and accessories for your convenience.

TocDem Utilities offers an excellent efficient re-calibration service in its well-established Calibration Workshop.

Our service engineers have over 100 years of combined specialist electronic and hydraulic experience. We believe in investing in people and constantly train our staff in line with the latest industry techniques. Finally, as a Radiodetection GOLD distributor we are able to support all of your underground cable location, survey, ground penetrating radar and accessory needs.

We offer a full national & international shipping and customs clearance service, which can always be arranged by our friendly experienced administration team.

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Make Radiodetection
Model RD8200SG
Year 2023
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Stock No 109