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HIRETocDem Utilities

The TocDem Utilities lines of Specialist Utility & General Plant Hire contain an extensive range of products to satisfy the needs of the industry.

We carry a large stock of equipment from Excavator Attachments, Fusion Jointing, Radiodetection Cat Cable Locators such as the gCat4+ Cable Locator and eCat4+ Cable Locator, Gasco Seekers, & Fresh Air FABA BA Sets all at competitive short or long term hire rates.

We can offer our clients the peace of mind that in the unlikely event of a breakdown occurring, help is close at hand, provided by our fleet of service vehicles operated by qualified engineers. Contact us now for more information.

Hire Terms & Conditions Utilities Brochure
Product Price per Week
Push Pro Pipe Handlers 180mm Push Pro Pipe Handler & Shells POA
250mm Push Pro Pipe Handler & Shells POA
400mm Push Pro Pipe Handler & Shells POA
630mm Push Pro Pipe Handler & Shells POA
TocDem Hydraulic Peckers / Breakers 0.8 - 2.0 Tonne TEB00 POA
2.0 - 4.0 Tonne TEB020 POA
4.0 - 7.0 Tonne TEB04 POA
7.0 - 11.0 Tonne TEB05 POA
11.0 - 18.0 Tonne TEB06 POA
19.0 - 28.0 Tonne TEB08 POA
TocDem Selector Grabs 5.0 Tonne POA
8.0 Tonne POA
14.0 Tonne POA
22.0 Tonne POA
Cable Location Radiodetection eCat4+ Cable Locator POA
Radiodetection gCat4+ Cable Locator POA
Radiodetection Genny 4 Signal Generator POA
Electro-Fusion 40 Volt Electro-Fusion Box c/w Output Leads POA
80 Volt Electro-Fusion Box c/w Output Leads POA
Breathing Apparatus Fresh Air FABA BA Set POA
110 Volt Forced Air Blower POA
Testing GMI Gasco Seeker MK II 2-500 POA
Comark DPI IS 705 Druck Gauge POA