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Leading-edge pipeline inspection and location equipment help municipalities, utilities and their engineering teams and contractors to regularly assess the condition of sewer pipeline systems.

By providing useful information about current pipe conditions, these tools can help in the identification of potential failure risks, and provide information to help in formulating informed repair, renewal or replacement plans.

Technicians can easily generate reports that are compliant to industry-standard condition classification codes, and easy to use, cm accurate GNSS for utility mapping can also be used with automatic usage logging for proof of work.

Why use a cable and pipe locator system?

Reduce Risks
First and foremost, increase the safety of your site personnel by lowering the number of cables and pipes they hit. Strikes are a significant danger to health and can cause serious injury, sometimes even death.

Save time
Strikes to cables and pipes will almost inevitably lead to wasteful delays to your project.

Reduce Costs
Help prevent damage to utilities and disruptions to services, which can be costly to repair and damaging to your reputation.

Avoid Penalties
Lower your exposure to compensation and fines for non-compliance to regulations.

Solutions for the Sewer Industry

RD8200SG Survey Grade Locator

Damage prevention and operational efficiency are top priorities. The Radiodetection RD8200SG is designed to tackle these challenges head-on. Built with the operator in mind, it's our most advanced precision locator, combining accurate utility locating with survey-grade mapping in a single workflow.

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RD8200 Cable Pipe Locators

Damage prevention and operational efficiency are the biggest challenges facing our customers. Solve these problems with the new RD8200®. Designed with the operator in mind, it is our most advanced and capable range of precision locators.

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RD7200 Cable Pipe Locator

Locating and marking buried utilities quickly, accurately and safely. The new RD7200 is a no compromise all-industry locator, designed for accurate and effective every day use.

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GA-52Cx Magnetic Locator

The GA-52Cx Locator detects the magnetic field of iron and steel objects, with unmatched sensitivity.

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GA-72Cd Magnetic Locator

The GA-72Cd Locator detects the magnetic field of iron and steel objects. It provides audio detection signals that peak in frequency when the locator’s tip is held directly over the target. The GA-72Cd has the option of nulling or peaking.

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GA-92XTd Magnetic Locator

Our popular GA-92XTd magnetic locator was introduced in 2002 and quickly became known as perhaps the most portable and easy-to-use magnetic metal locator on the market.

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Spot Magnetic Locator

Spot, the “Next Generation Stick Locator” offers accuracy and ease of use in a sleek, light-weight package with improved ergonomics. If you are looking for high accuracy at a lower cost, put Spot on the trail of your next locate!

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