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S6 MicroSonde Kit 33kHz

S6 MicroSonde Kit 33kHz

S6 MicroSonde Kit 33kHz is a very small transmitter designed to allow operators to trace and detect blockages in even very small buried pipes and ducting. With a diameter of only 6.4mm / ¼”, it is particularly suitable for tracing blockages in fibre-optic microducting or for tracing other small non-conductive pipes.

Key Features

  • Locatable to 6.5′ (2m) and measuring 0.25 x 3.5″ (6.4 x 88mm).
  • Supplied as a kit that includes Sonde, flexible adaptor, 2 batteries and case.
  • Pack of 10 x batteries for S6 MicroSonde.
  1. Part No: 10/SONDE-MICRO-33

Locate buried plastic water pipes, gas pipes, and other non-magnetic utilities with Sondes – self-contained transmitters designed for use with our cable and pipe locators.

Simply attach the Sonde to a Flexrod, push it along the pipe, and pinpoint its position from above ground. The Flex Trace product allows you to trace the entire pipe path, not just the end.

You can also locate blockages by pushing the Sonde until it stops, then finding that position.

The Super Sonde 33kHz is compatible with all underground cable location products, RD7100, RD7200, RD8100, RD8200 cable & pipe locators, eCat, gCat & Cat4+ and many others.

Why Choose TocDem Utilities?

TocDem Utilities beats the competition on price, quality, and after-sales support with this MicroSonde. We’re dedicated to helping you long after your purchase, with all parts and accessories in stock. Our re-calibration service in the well-established workshop is fast and reliable. Additionally, our engineers have over 100 years of combined experience in electronics and hydraulics.

We also invest in our people and we provide constant training on the latest techniques. As a Radiodetection GOLD distributor, we’re your go-to source for underground cable location, surveyground penetrating radars, and many other accessories. Our friendly team can help with national and international shipping and customs clearance.

Related Products

Detection Depth 2m

Battery1 x lithium cell

Min. bend radius130mm

Diameter 6.4mm Ø

Signal frequency 33kHz

Total operating length 88mm standard

Battery life Approx. 10 hours at room temperature, 8 hours at 0ºC temperature

Rod fitting M5 female/adhesive fit

Product offering 

The S6 MicroSonde is available as a kit, containing:

• S6 MicroSonde
• Rigid battery cap
• Flexible battery cap
• 2 × batteries
• Case
• Manual

A pack of 10 replacement lithium batteries is also available.