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Metal and Magnetic Locators

Water and Gas customers need to find, repair and replace ageing buried assets as part of national general improvements and maintenance to reduce industry leakage statistics.
The challenges they face are:

Metal cover, pipe, joint and weld Locators

For over half a century, Schonstedt has been a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing underground magnetic locators commonly called magnetometers. The Schonstedt range of Magnetometers are designed to locate and trace deep buried pipes, pipe joints and welds in the water, gas and petrochemical industries.

GA-52Cx is the most popular model in the Schonstedt range, having been sold for over 20 years. It is robust and reliable: designed for locating and tracing down to 5.5m.

GA-72 Cd is the most robust of all the locators. Housed in Aluminium it has a display with polarity and strength indicator to help identify the located target plus a data-log output.

Maggie is the most accurate of Schonstedt locators, with a pistol-grip that combines sensitivity and precision with single-handed operation and a visual display able to detect and trace ferrous and steel casings down to 6m.

Spot, the “Next Generation Stick Locator” offers accuracy and ease of use in a sleek, light-weight package with improved ergonomics. If you are looking for high accuracy at a lower cost, put Spot on the trail of your next locate! It can locate down to 5.5m.

GA-92XTd, the extendable, easy-to-use and portable magnetic locator. The GA-92XTd retracts to fit in its holster (included), and extends for one-handed operation and fingertip is the most compact in the range.

RD312 features simple 2-button operation, making it an easy-to-use metal locator for tracing shallow ferrous objects such as manhole covers, meter boxes and valves when they are covered by snow, grass, gravel or tarmac. The RD312 is most effective when the objects are likely to be less than 1 metre below the surface.

GA-52Cx Magnetic Locator

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GA-72Cd Magnetic Locator

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Maggie Magnetic Locator

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Spot Magnetic Locator

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GA-92XTd Magnetic Locator

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RD312 Metal Detector

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