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Automotive Charger for Transmitter

Automotive Charger for Transmitter – This convenient charger is used to charge a transmitter rechargeable battery pack from an automotive cigarette lighter socket.

Part No: 10/TX-ACHARGER-V2 

Automotive Charger for Transmitter features

Overcurrent protection Prevents battery from overcharging.

Circuit protection Shuts down when there is an error in the circuit. For example, when an incompatible charger is plugged in, the battery will not charge.

Thermal protection 4 temperature sensors that identify and prevent overheating.

Overload protection Prevents overcurrent that can cause overheating.

Cell voltage monitors Monitors integrity and functionality of cells.

Low voltage charge / discharge protection

Completely discharging a lithium cell is stressful to the cell and reduces cell lifetime.

Overcurrent protection Charger will shut down in the event of overcurrent and recover automatically when the fault is removed.

Short circuit protection Prevents causing damage to the charger in the event of a short circuit.

Overvoltage protection During charging, the charger will automatically cut off when the battery voltage exceeds the limit.

Built in timer The charger will automatically cut off when the charging time exceeds 6.5h.

Battery monitoring The charger monitors the battery during the charging process by measuring the voltage of the battery.

Staged Charging Charge starts slowly at 20% of output power, depending on whether battery is able to take charge.

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