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RD546 Mechanical Listening Stick

RD546 Mechanical Listening Stick made from high-quality materials for water leak detection at meters, pipes and other fittings.

Even with today’s sophisticated technology, mechanical measurement instruments offer unique and cost-effective advantages. Many situations do not require any sensitive electronics and it is often more practical to use the RD546, which does not require a power supply and does not have the inherent noise associated with electrical products.

The RD546 is made of high-quality materials. The vibration element inside consists of a bronze spring that is designed to transfer vibration via a resonator to the operator’s ear. Stainless steel extensions, from 5 to 78 inches (13 to 200cm), make the RD546 adaptable to any task. The RD546 is the ideal, low tech and, cost-effective solution for detecting leaks in meters, pipes and other fittings.

RD546 Mechanical Listening Stick – TocDem Utilities will not be beaten on price, quality or after sales service. Customer support long after the sale is just what we do. All parts & accessories are kept in stock. TocDem Utilities offers an excellent efficient re-calibration service in its well-established Calibration Workshop.

Our service engineers have over 100 years combined specialist electronic and hydraulic experience between them. We believe in investing in people and constantly have our staff re-trained in line with the latest industry techniques.

As a Radiodetection GOLD distributor we are perfectly positioned to support all of your Underground cable location, survey, ground penetration radar and accessory needs.

We offer a full national & international shipping and customs clearance service, which can always be arranged by our friendly experienced administration team.