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4Tonne KW4000 GrundoWinch TT UK Bagela

Are you looking for a reliable GrundoWinch? Look no further! We have a fully refurbished, serviced, and tested 4Tonne KW4000 GrundoWinch for sale. It comes with a new “Pull Test” Certificate and is 100% ready for your next project.

Refurbishment Details:

This TocDem 4 Tonne GrundoWinch has has been refurbished, serviced & tested, including (but not limited to);

4Tonne KW4000 GrundoWinch features:

Adjustable Boom

The 4Tonne KW4000 GrundoWinch we have for sale comes with adjustable boom length and extension legs, the stand off boom assembly has the ability to adapt to a variety of different manhole configurations and structures. The stand off boom also allows for the retrieval of a front expander during certain pipe bursting applications.

Variable Speed Constant Tension Means More Accurate Winching

The constant-tension design feature of the GrundoWinch means any cable slack is immediately sensed and quickly taken up . . . automatically. This makes for an ideal winch for sensitive operations such as swage lining. Permanent documentation of the pull is available in an optional chart recorder that prints out a hard copy of the job’s tensions.

Twin Capstan Cable Management System

The 4Tonne GrundoWinch incorporates a cable management system to ensure the proper care and storage of cables. Its twin capstan design means there is no stress on the cable drum as the cable is layered back in place during use.

Why Choose TocDem Attachments & Utilities for Your Grundowinch Purchase:

Contact us today to inquire about buying this 4 Tonne KW4000 Grundowinch! 

Our service engineers have over 100 years of combined specialist electronic and hydraulic experience between them. 

We believe in investing in people and constantly have our staff re-trained in line with the latest industry techniques. We offer a full national & international shipping and customs clearance service, which can always be arranged by our friendly experienced administration team.